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Tow your aircraft in a safe way

Specially designed to be used in remote and unequipped airfields. This tow bar will ensure you can tow your aircraft safely, preventing any damage on its surface avoiding anyone to move it by pushing on them. Save money in eventual repairs by using the JETSTOW ©.

Made in Belgium - Tested in Germany.

Available for different types of civil and military air- and rotorcrafts.

Contact us for more information about specific aircraft type and its adapter!

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This telescopic and compact tow bar features a self-locking mechanism. Its lightness makes its portability and use very smooth. JETSTOW © minimalist design allows it to be stored conveniently on board at all times and therefore able to be used at any time and location. 


The JETSTOW © is capable of towing different types of aircraft. We provide customized towing capacity depending on our customers' needs.

Please enquire for further information about the alternative versions of tow bars possible.

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The JETSTOW © tow bar is constructed to be as lightweight as possible, using aircraft high grade materials. No other tow bar on the market beats its functionality considering its weight and towing capacity ratio.

High Quality

Our tow bars are built out of the best and most suitable materials for its purpose. Machined to very strict tolerances and finished with a special developed coating (water and dirt repellent) to ensure long-life use under extreme conditions.

Designed & produced in Belgium -

Tested in Germany.

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About Us

JETSTOW © is part of a dynamic company, with over 16 years of experience in General Aviation, which manufactures portable, telescopic tow bars for the aviation industry. Thanks to our collaboration with aircraft manufacturers and licensed service centers, we can provide a deep insight in producing a very strong, reliable and portable tow bar, which can be used in multiple aircrafts. Compact, lightweight, strong and portable are the four key aspects which were fundamental when designing and producing these tow bars.

Our top of the line telescopic tow bars can be easliy stored in the aircraft, are very user friendly and make it possible to tow your aircraft in a safe way, without the risk of damaging while doing so.

Our tow bars are completely produced in Belgium and tested in Germany.

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Why Choose Us



We are constantly developing and improving our products and working together with aircraft manufacturers and licensed service centers to maintain the highest quality possible.


Reliable & Trustworthy

All of our products are designed & produced in Belgium and have been tested to full extent in Germany. A tow bar entirely manufactured in the EU.


User friendly

Due to its unique design, including the self-locking mechanism, you only need to open it and lock it to start towing. To close it, revert the initial action which takes less than 60 seconds!

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